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About me


I am Tina Maciej and I welcome you to my page! 


I live with my family, a sweet little boy and a wonderful husband, in San Jose, California. I have loved photography for more than 20 years and started as a nature photographer because I love hiking and exploring new places. 

I specialize in Maternity, High School Seniors, Graduation and Solo Photography in the Bay Area California. My photography style is light, vibrant and joyful. I love interacting with people and I will not be quietly hiding behind my camera and leave you feel lost - I will talk to you, tell you how to pose, where to look, what to do and all those things. I want you to feel good, you will see it in the images if you felt at ease or not. That's why I want to make your experience with me as fun and pleasant as possible.

I like everything that is easy going, non-stressful and fun. That’s how I want to create your experience with me, too! Everything should be easy, so booking and getting in contact with me is easy, preparing is easy (with my welcome guide and the option to contact me any time for any question) and last but not least the session itself will be easy. It will feel like getting together with friends, having fun, and taking pictures along the way.

I have been fortunate to have won multiple awards, like the Award for Best Maternity Photographer 2021 and 2020 and Best Family Photographer 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 from Expertise and The Gold Medal from The Bay Area Parent Magazine for being the Best Family Photographer in Silicon Valley 2019 and 2018. I also got featured as one of the best portrait photographers in Peerspace in 2018 and 2019 and have a steady 5/5 rating over the years which I am very grateful for.  

Someday, your kids will only have photos of you - make sure you are in them! Memories like this last forever

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