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You are pregnant and want to have beautiful photos of this special time? Here is what you can expect

Pregnancy - especially your first one - is such a new experience and one of the best ones you might ever had! Many women don't feel very well in the first trimester because of nausea and due to the hormone changes. But that changes in the second trimester and many start thinking of capturing this special time with professional photos. Most of the moms to be never had a photo session before. So of course they might be a little anxious about how they will look. Professional maternity photographers like Tina Maciej from San Jose California know exactly how to pose the moms to be to get the most beautiful portraits. Tina knows that pregnancy can be an exhausting time, especially since many becoming moms still have to work on top of organizing the nursery and preparing everything for the new baby. That's why Tina wants to make your photo session as easy as possible. She doesn't want you to have to go shopping just for the session, especially since you might not wear the dress again afterwards. That's why she has a client closet full with the most beautiful designer maternity dresses, that were especially created for photo sessions. You can wear her dresses at no extra charge - one thing less to worry about. She also works together with many local hair and make up artists, that offer special prices for her clients. That way you can get a little pampered before your session and feel even more beautiful. Tina knows that you might want to wear different dresses because she has so many to choose from. So she offers different packages with varying outfit changes. In her private changing tent you can change on location and don't have to change in a car (which is hard with a belly anyways). After the session Tina makes sure while editing the images that you look your very best, so she edits fly away hair, blemishes and more things so you get pictures of yourself that you will cherish this special time in your life forever!

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