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Bridal Portraits are not just for the South!

Bridal portraits are a tradition in the Southern U.S. but maybe you would like consider to take them, too - even if you live in California.

Bridal portraits are solo images of the bride in her wedding attire. These photos are elegant and classy, with the bride posing in an artful way to showcase her wedding-day look but without the hectic and (sometimes) stressful surroundings of a wedding. These photos may be displayed at the wedding itself or in your home. The goal of a bridal portrait session is that the bride looks as similar as possible to how she’ll look on her wedding day. So you may want to add a few other wedding vendors to ensure a successful shoot, not only the wedding dress. You might also want to have your hair stylist and makeup artist on hand—this will be a great test run of your wedding-day hair and makeup looks.

At a bridal session the photographer and you can focus on just taken the most beautiful pictures of you. Also your bridal portrait session will help you get even more comfortable in front of the camera and it’s a great opportunity to try out your wedding dress, hair, and makeup before the big day so you can make any necessary tweaks. Best of all, taking your bridal portraits in advance will save you time on the big day so you can focus on those important photos with your husband, instead of the solo shots. A bridal portrait session usually takes place a month or two before the wedding da, close enough to the big day that a bride’s gown will be altered and ready, or, if it gets dirty, there will be enough time to clean it.

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