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Maternity Session in Palo Alto

Maternity sessions are my specialty and I love it when the family chooses a beautiful location like this one. Stanford University is one of the most beautiful places in the Bay Area. Kristina's and Joe's son just turned two and has the biggest and cutest smile! He was very excited to meet his little baby sister soon. Kristina chose two of my beautiful designer dresses to wear and she couldn't have chosen better ones! The white floral dress looks so dreamy and the mauve colored lace dress was perfect with the flowers and the cream colored tones in the background. I always take a lot of different photos and this way they got some solo portraits of their son, too. They loved their pictures so much that they decided to purchase the whole gallery. If you would like to get dreamy beautiful maternity photos of yourself, contact me. I would love to help you!

Maternity Photographer Bay Area

Maternity Photography San Jose

Doesn't he have the cutest smile? I told Kristina that he looks like a mini Levi's model.

Kids photographer Bay Area

I especially love this picture with the perfect background and Kristina just looking beautiful. The maternity dress is one of my newsies addition to my client closet.

Maternity Photo session San Jose

It was only January but we already found beautiful looking flowers which we implemented for our session.

Dreamy Maternity Portraits Bay Area

Usually 2 year olds don't want to smile to the camera very often but the little guy had the biggest of all smiles. I bet he will be a model later!

Maternity Photographer

Isn't that just the cutest family photo? I try to make funny noises and silly faces to get the toddlers to smile and this little buddy thought it was so funny.

Maternity and Family Photographer Palo Alto

This hair!

Kids pictures San Jose

At the end I always ask the parents if I can offer a lolly pop to the kids, they love it.

Children Photographer San Jose

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