Secret and romantic proposal in Aptos, California

Dan's mom contacted me because she was looking for a photographer that captures the surprise proposal of her son to his girlfriend Kelly. We met ahead of time at Seascape Resort in Aptos, CA, to find the perfect spot for him to propose. Dan was living in Los Angeles and couldn't be part of it. We found the perfect spot and over the phone I talked to Dan about the details and every step. On the day of the proposal Dan sneaked out of they hotel room to meet me and we practiced the proposal. I admit, I was also a little nervous because it was a busy hotel yard and I didn't want Kelly to notice me, so she didn't get suspicious. Dan went back to get Kelly. Then they both came, Dan had suggested a walk around the hotel before they head out for dinner. First they stood a while to watch the ocean and then he turned towards her, got down on one knee and proposed to her! I admit I had some tears in my eyes, because it was so beautiful! And I am hopeless romantic anyway.

After Kelly and Dan celebrated a little bit by themselves I introduced myself and we went down to the beach to take some newly engagements shots. Kelly and Dan are such a wonderful couple! They met when they were in 3. Grade and fell in love in College. Dan had an other surprise for her waiting - both of their families were waiting in the restaurant he booked for dinner. That must have been such an exciting day for Kelly! I wish them all the very best for their future together!

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